camera positions

Choose the better angle. Front recordings are better for technical training and the base line recording is better for position and response.

40-Love makes you better

40-Love is the preferred platform for recording, analysing and sharing your tennis experiences. The app comes with a full set of advanced features that will help you improve your game and join a world-wide community of tennis entuasiasts.


With 40-Love, you can easily record your matches or training sessions. Either record directly in the app or import previous recordings.

To save space you can save older recordings on iCloud while adding new ones to the app.

While recording, the embedded AI will analyze the video and identify every stroke you make.

AI analysis

Our advanced AI will process your video and identify every stroke you make.

This allows you to quickly browser through all the serves you made or watch details on your backhand.

40-Love will improve over time as it learn how your play and can over time provide new insights to improve your tennis


The best way to improve your tennis is.. playing a lot of tennis. Second is watching yourself play, find improvements and change.

40-Love allows you to watch every details in every strokes playing it frame-by-frame

Use the emoji to mark a stroke with a Like, LOL or Clown.

Compare with pros

With 40-Love you can select stroke and play them side-by-side. This gives a unique way to compare yourself with other players and learn from their movement.

You can use the compare feature to see multible versions of your self or import videos of pro players and learn their tricks


All your data stays on your device.

You can choose to share your videos – but its your choice